What if people began organically evolving into healthy community and were interacting personally every day while being completely immersed in the teaching and spirit of your church?

What if you had an affordable, easy to use tool that brought people together, moved them from spectators to participants and helped build your church?


Import Update Regarding Table

Since 2013, we’ve had the privilege of serving alongside you by providing Table as a ministry resource to bring a deeper level of community to your church. Over the last few years, we have been on a quest to deliver an engaging experience on your mobile device backed by an improved and more stable platform. As a church we often find ourselves dealing with the balance of rising development cost from the ever-changing technology landscape and staying the course to provide this service at little or no cost to you.

After re-evaluating our ministry’s focus, we have decided to suspend the Table project; however, we will continue to support you and allow use of the platform through December 31, 2016. In recent years, numerous companies have begun offering products that are highly comparable to Table. We have evaluated many of them and suggest the following applications as potential substitutes for those of you still using Table. We have listed our recommendations below in no particular ranking:

  1.  The City http://www.acstechnologies.com/products/the-city 
  2. SubSplash http://www.subsplash.com
  3.  Blue Bridge http://gobluebridge.com
  4.  Unify http://unifychurch.com
  5.  Kaleo Apps http://kaleoapps.com
  6. GroupAhead https://www.groupahead.com/churches

It's been an honor to be your ministry technology partner and serve your church and people. May God continue to bless you as you reach your community for Christ.